ACSA Region 17
Seventh Annual Region Conference

The Human Factor: Exploring Social Emotional Learning

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Welcome (8:15-8:45)

Keynote (8:45- (9:45)

Title: How Many Wins Have YOU Had Today?
Keynote Speaker: Jeff Eben

Meet and Greet with Jeff Eben (9:45-10:15)

Breakout presentations are self-selected; participants may attend any session of interest to them. All presentations are available below.
**Please note: Sessions will close if room capacity is reached.**

Breakout Session 1 (10:15-11:00)

Title: Resiliency: Turning Stress into Positive Energy
Description: We all know and want our students to be resilient. So why is this important and how do we build this important skill? Come learn practical ways to build resilience, add strategies for helping your students, and learn how science shows you that stress can be turned into your friend. This session will benefit anyone that will ever face stress.
Presenter: Suena Chang, Ed.D. (OUSD)
Room: 121

Title: Implementing an Award-Winning PBIS Program
Presenters: Stacy Chang, Ed.D., Robyn Yarbrough (Centralia SD)
Room: DeNault Auditorium
Description: Site principals will share how they implement an award-winning PBIS program at their school sites. The presenters are K-6 principals of schools that earned the Gold and Platinum PBIS Implementation Awards. They will provide an overview of PBIS Tier I supports for all students, and Tier II for students who need additional support. The PBIS Awards process will also be explained.

Title: Building Social Emotional Awareness with your Teams
Presenters: Lynn Garrett, Ed.D., Jean Martin, Ph.D. (OCDE)
Room: 128
Description: Strategies and activities that can be done with staff to build social emotional awareness and leadership will be shared. The presenters will share several activities that can be used with teams to build social emotional leadership skills and knowledge, with the goal of increasing collaboration and understanding of individual differences.

Title: It’s Lonely in the Middle: A Call for Principal Coaching in the Age of School Reform
Presenter: Larry Hausner, Ed.D. (SVUSD)
Room: 127
Description: This session is designed specifically for principals and focused on a crisis in public education that needs to be addressed immediately. This crisis is negatively impacting the performance of students, administrators, and the longevity of principals. The issue is that principals are working in isolation, most without support, which is leading to undermining their ability to effectively improve student achievement, make a sustained positive impact for children, and enjoy working in the profession. This phenomenon is especially relevant to site administrators because they work in an isolated environment.

Title: Reinvigorate your PLCs with a focus on Social Emotional Learning
Presenter: Darlene Messinger (Retired, LBUSD)
Room: 126
Description: Most schools and districts have PLC structures in place but would like to revisit the internal practices of their teams. By reviewing the purpose of PLCs and by shifting the focus to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), leaders can reinvigorate their teams and promote SEL implementation. In this interactive session, participants will explore the core competencies of SEL and the role of PLCs in promoting SEL in their schools and districts.

Title: Easy, Free, and Successful: Trauma-Informed Practices to Build Resiliency in a Culture of Prevention
Presenter: Robyn Moses (HBUHSD)
Room: 219
Description: Information on the prevalence and impact of childhood adverse experiences will be shared, as well as how site and district administrators can support school staff (teachers, office staff, etc.) in the implementation of simple practices that improve classroom management and decrease student stress and behavioral difficulties. Emphasis will be on practical strategies that can be the basis for student supports or complimentary to restorative justice or PBIS program.

Title: Nurturing the Whole School – Starting with the Adults
Presenter: Michele Ogden (IUSD)
Room: 218
Description: Do the adults in your building have their own oxygen masks on before helping those around them? To nurture a positive environment for student success, adults also need a healthy, safe, and supportive culture. Using the whole child tenets with school staff provides learning opportunities for supporting students through the application of the tenets to adults. Learn how to create a “whole school” culture in this interactive session and help your school take flight.

Breakout Session 2 (11:15-12:00)

Title: 40 Developmental Assets: Building Youth Resiliency
Presenter: Jay Adams (FVSD)
Room: 121
Description: Ever wonder what it is that seems to give some kids “grit” and the ability to persevere in the face of adversity, while others seem to crumble at the slightest hint of crisis? YOU can be a big part of the solution! Learn about the 40-Developmental Assets, and how educating your youth/communities about them can make the difference for students struggling to navigate the complexities of life today.

Title: Transforming Junior High Discipline Through Real PBIS Implementation
Presenters: Erik Bagger, Tyler Morgan, Laura Lucero (BPSD)
Room: 126
Description: We will share information about the transformation of Buena Park Junior High through our PBIS implementation. We will share the real struggles and successes of this process, tools we used to simplify implementation, and strategies to get staff on board. Participants will be able to hear from a teacher’s perspective and an administrator’s perspective regarding how to make this work at their school.

Title: The Value of Networking/ACSA Student Charter Membership
Presenters: Ron LaMotte, Tonya Tarbutton, Darlene Messinger
Room: 002
Description: Two critical components of success for all administrators are involvement in Professional Organizations and learning how to network among colleagues. Come see the many advantages offered to you as a Student Charter Member of the Association of California School Administrators. If you are currently a Concordia University student, you will not want to miss this session! Note: This session is designed for members of ACSA Region 17’s Student Charter.

Title: The Successful Principal
Presenter: Robert Cunard, Ed.D. (Retired, AUHSD)
Room: 127
Description: Information, strategies, and tools to help a principal become more successful will be shared, including: 1) Preparation for the principalship 2) First steps once selected 3) Priorities 4) Time management and personal self-management 5) Strategy development 6) Empowering and motivating staff. This session will provide valuable information to current and aspiring administrators.

Title: What’s Learning Got to Do with It? Tough Questions and Conversations about Systemic Barriers to Learning
Presenter: John Misustin (Capo USD)
Room: 128
Description:If the purpose of school is for learning, then why do we have so many policies and procedures that discourage it? This presentation will examine how we often discourage learning systemically through rules, procedures, grading practices, assessments and more. We operate in a system that was intended for the industrial revolution and still frequently refers to 21st century education like its a science fiction move far in the future. Learn how administrators, leaders and educators can begin to have difficult conversations and help to begin making changes to impact the outcome for all students. This session is appropriate for educators, administrators at all levels and teachers. After this presentation, participants will be able to examine their classrooms, schools and districts to determine if they have systemic factors that discourages learning and the steps they can take to begin to confront these.

Title: Leveraging Social Media for Positive Student Engagement

Presenter: Cory Robertson (AESD)
Room: DeNault Auditorium
Description: There is no such thing as bad or good social media. It’s all in how it’s used. This session will focus on first bringing the audience up-to-speed on the various platforms of social media (there are many more than you think!), how they differ from each other, and which ones are utilized most by students (hint: they’re the ones adults aren’t using!). Creating digital citizens is not easy, nor basic. It takes years of modeling and practice. The bulk of the session will revolve around sharing how schools and districts can engage students (and communities) in utilizing these platforms to build a positive environment on-campus, off-campus, and long after the students graduate. There will be opportunity for Q&A as well as share-outs. This session will be great for site administrators (K-12) as well as district leaders.

Title: An Urban School’s Success with PBIS Across All 3 Tiers from an Administrator’s Lens
Presenter: Sara Shorey (SAUSD)
Room: 218
Description: This presentation will share successful implementation of PBIS at all 3 tiers in an urban school that was just awarded Platinum Level. How does a school leader foster, sustain, and promote continued growth in the areas of school culture, intervention, and social-emotional learning? These topics will be covered and pertain to elementary school principals and district administrators.

Title: Social Emotional Learning EdCamp
Presenter: Stephanie Shumate (AESD)
Room: 219
Description: Social Emotional Learning is a great topic, with tons of strategies that go with it. Come participate in this SEL EdCamp to talk with other leaders about SEL strategies, topics, and resources. This session will also give participants ideas on how to facilitate EdCamps during a staff meeting at their sites. EdCamps are a great way to let people collaborate while having voice and choice – one critical component on the journey towards Personalized Learning.

Concordia University, Irvine, Doctoral Presentations
Grimm Hall North
Concordia University Doctoral Program Students
Doctoral candidates from Concordia University, Irvine will be sharing their dissertation work with attendees in a poster session that will be available for the duration of the Conference. Come by and see current research!